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Each team will consist of 4 people.  Please have one captain with their info for winnings. And a Team Name.

Must be 18 years of age to participate, must be in the province of Alberta to purchase. All members, guest of the course and staff can be on a team for a chance to win. (Participants can be on more than one team)

Each team will need to register & pay cash with Jill and Lana at the clubhouse.



....and so on till we either have 80 teams or have reached our date deadline of Wednesday  JULY  31, 2024


Names are entered into the draw as an individual, and as long as one member of your team remains on the board, your team is safe from elimination.


The winning prize (MONEY) will be given to the Team Captain, and it will be their responsibility to disburse amongst their team.


Payout will be as follows

3rd place - 10%                                                  2nd place -15%                                  1st place - 25%

Potential  $800 $200 each                             Potential $1200 $300 each            Potential $2000 $500 each


With remaining 50% going to Haunted Lakes Golf Course


Eliminations will begin on Tuesday August 6, Wednesday August 7, 2024 with  names being eliminated each night. And will continue on Tuesday and Wednesdays until Wednesday Sept 18 with the final draw to determine the last 3 remaining players on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2024  at the annual CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP & INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT


RAFFLE LICENSE # ­­­­­­­687853

The Legend of the Haunted Lake.

At one time, the Natives had been in the habit of pitching their tee-pees on the eastern shores of the lake.

 Once, the in winter, seven braves camped there for the night.

In the morning they saw the magnificent head and antlers of a Stag caught in the ice.  

Quickly the braves started across the ice-covered lake to secure the prize.  

Just as they commenced to chop the ice around the antlers, the mighty beast, still very much alive, broke free and smashing a passage before him, swam straight to shore and disappeared into the woods.  

All seven braves were drowned and the Natives believed that their spirits still haunt the lake.

 It is claimed that each winter when the lake is frozen over, a huge fissure always appears along the exact path, where the Stag had travelled to shore.

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